Elton John has left Twitter, and nobody seems to care. Really, the last couple of weeks brought many changes to the popular platform, causing many celebrities to drop their accounts. Elton is a star worldwide, we’ll give him that, but nobody really hyped about his tweets. People love the guy for his music, and Twitter’s misinformation about his work is what made him take the drastic measure. To be fair, barely anyone even knew Elton John was on Twitter, so I guess the singer rocketman is just mad there’s another rocketman taking over.

John said that he had created music throughout his life to bring people together and added that all the misinformation on Twitter is dividing the world. Twitter stats show that John had around 1 million followers and that he had been tweeting for about twelve years, reported Penn Live.

Elon Musk even mentioned to Elton John that he liked his music and wants him to reconsider. It also seems like there’s someone else running Elton John’s account and the rocketman singer may not even be aware. It sounds like there’s a butthurt liberal on the other end of that account, one way or another.

It has all been dandy until the controversial billionaire Elon Musk purchased the platform in October. He paid $44 million to take over the platform. Actually, Musk reacted to John’s leaving by saying that he loved his music and that he hoped the man would come back. He wanted the musician to openly say which misinformation worried him. Musk has faced a lot of criticism for firing his executives and laying off almost half of its entire workforce.

The layoffs have been challenged in court, including a federal complaint filed by two female employees who claim the layoffs adversely targeted female employees. Other changes include charging users for the blue verified check marks on their accounts, requiring surviving workers to work long hours, letting individuals who had been banned from the network, including former President Donald Trump, to return, and reinstating users who had been suspended.

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