A documentary film about the life and times of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the self-described “democratic socialist” from New York, has bombed big time at the box office. In 2019, director Rachel Lears made a documentary called “Knock Down the House” that was about ‘AOC’ and other young liberals in Congress.

Lears’ follow-up project, “To the End,” saw her team her up with Ocasio-Cortez — this time to track the Democratic lawmaker’s time in House trying to pass legislation, especially the Green New Deal.

Critics lauded the film, claiming it would “ignite more Americans” to action.

But then, Americans would actually have to see it to become inspired, and so far, that isn’t happening, according to Exhibitor Relations.

“Roadside Attractions’ documentary on climate change, TO THE END, ‘starring’ AOC, was voted out of the box office–just $9,667 in 120 theaters, $81 per,” the group tweeted.

“Yes, $81 per,” the tweet continued.


The doc finished an embarrassing 33rd over the weekend in box office take.

“Director Rachel Lears last went to Sundance with ‘Knock Down the House,’ about four candidates who ran historic elections, including that of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,” writes film critic Nick Allen.

“Her latest film ‘To the End’ is like a sequel, giving us some insight into the new representative’s time in office: the video calls that she rolls her eyes at, the realizations she’s had about Washington, D.C., and more,” he continued.

“But the focus here is more about the Green New Deal, a vital change to infrastructure in America that could help fight against global warming and save American economy as the clock ticks. ‘To the End’ shows the momentum of Ocasio-Cortez’s youthful spirit, this time spread out in groups that are creating awareness, marching across the country, and not usually given the amount of on-camera love that Lears provides here,” he added.

The Hill media analyst and Fox News contributor Joe Concha noted the movie’s dismal showing.

For us, the takeaway for AOC reminds us of the title of another recent film: Maybe the country just ‘isn’t that into you,’ congresswoman.

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