A former local news reporter in New York, but from Arkansas, claims that Bill Clinton had s-xually assaulted her three times in 1980. Her name is Leslie Milwee and she claims that during two of those times Clinton was basically groping her and grinding himself against her until he reached a climax.


If that wasn’t weird, then listen to this. She claims after the alleged assaults, that Bill Clinton came to her apartment and was knocking on the door trying to get in. She claims that she didn’t respond and he eventually left.

Millwee says she was thinking about coming out publicly around 1998, when the Monica Lewinsky scandal began to dominate the national conversation.

But at the time, she says she decided to remain quiet, in part fearing for her children after watching the way other Clinton sex accusers were treated by the Clintons and the news media.

Three of Millwee’s friends told Breitbart News that she told them in the late 1990’s that Clinton sexually assaulted her while she was a reporter and that the future president allegedly knocked on her apartment door.

Millwee claims the assaults took place in a small, isolated editing room at her now defunct station, KLMN-TV, which covered the Fort Smith/Fayetteville markets. At the time Millwee reported under the assumed name Leslie Derrick.

Millwee says she interviewed Clinton about 20 times at various public events and at Fort Chaffee, and saw him inside the KLMN station.

She claims that when she was around him, Clinton singled her out with “inappropriate gestures,” and that he made flirtatious comments like, “Hey pretty girl. How are you today?” This went on, Millwee says, for several months.

It was September 22, 2018 when Leslie Milwee posted this recorded call to Chuck Schumer and the caption: “This is the message I left for Senator Schumer. Also calling Feinstein. WILL they have the courage or I integrity to call me back??

Did she ever hear back?

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