My Daily Freedom (MDF) is a right-leaning commentary blog about politics and news that was started in July 2021.

The owner is officially listed as Trending Views (as registered with the IRS) and some random dude Frank curates and writes most of the content, which is likely to be mostly commentary because all I like to do is talk shit and write about whatever seems interesting. Commentary is the only category on MDF, so do not expect anything else.

It should be noted that this is NOT a news website. If you’re here for the news, then you made a mistake. Go to fucking AP, Reuters, or CSPAN if you want news. Those are the three places I would go if I wanted to get news without most of the left or right testicle swinging.

CSPAN is the most legit place you can find. It’s so boring because they don’t sensationalize everything with click-bait or one-sided BS. It’s like watching paint drying on an old man’s dick while also trying to do a 1,500 piece puzzle of kethup. CSPAN is legit and balanced, the way real news should be.

Which reminds me. This site is not news. This is a shit-talking blog that I have fun with.

If you’re here to hang out and read commentary about the news, then you’re here for a good time at the right time.

MDF is self-funded and generates revenue from advertising through display ads, native ads, and links to eCommerce products.

MDF website has no affiliation to any political groups, figures, or parties. In fact, I don’t even like most politicians. I think most of them just shitheads with little to no talent, money-grubbing donation seeking slime-balls, who keep running their mouth and talking until the next time they want to be elected. Democrats are much worse though, so I do find myself more politically aligned with policies you might find on the Republican side of things. Some of the Democrats just don’t have any common sense and I don’t really like much of what they do, like letting men participate in women’s sports or go in the girls bathrooms. The hell is wrong with you?

And another thing, never donate to a politician. These assholes make 6-figures a year. Why the fuck are they asking me for money? I write a blog so I can afford to buy a cheap lunch once in a while. GTFO with that “please donate to me” BS. Why don’t you give us money for once? Tax the shit out of us, then ask us for donations? Go fuck yourselves.

When it comes to fact checking. MDF will make corrections and updates as soon as we are notified of any potential error or information that needs further clarity. In that case, we will often provide the source of the information and explain why the correction was made.

If there is something I am not sure about, then I will just say I am not sure about it. Sometimes I don’t have time to do massive amounts of research, or maybe I just don’t fucking care to. Ever think of that? I also won’t make things up because that’s stupid. So if I’m not 100% certain and don’t have the resource or link available to back something up, then I’ll just be honest about it and say I am not sure. That’s the beauty of writing a blog. I can just be honest and say I have no fucking idea what happened on some things and there is nothing wrong or fake about that. That’s true honesty. Do I look like a reporter to you?

Meanwhile, we can write commentary about news and politics while still being factual. People who make things up are the reason we have fact checkers. People who make things up are fucking assholes who make things more difficult for honest people.

Readers of this website may sign up to participate in a community/forum/discussion type setting that is different from the homepage of the website. That is user-generated content and people can talk all the shit they want on there. That’s what forums are for. That content is not promoted or advertised on our email list, social media, or any other methods. That is strictly for people to hang out and chat or share links, memes, videos, etc.

However, if anyone there posts false content, they will be banned without warning. I don’t have time for fake shit and don’t want it on the site. People who want to write fake shit can go be a dickhead somewhere else. We can have GOOD conversations that are fact based and using reliable news sources to back up our information. And I mean actually reliable, not like the fat fuckbag on CNN called Brian Stelter who looks like a dickless rejected potato with the IQ of a doorknob. Fuck Brian Stelter. Fat bald fuck.

Fake news is stupid. Just write honest fact-based commentary if you can’t stick to the 5 W’s without saying something about it.

If you don’t like my About page, then fuck you too.