Keep the Faith: Joe Biden congratulates LeBron James, may have set off the godless

President Joe Biden congratulated LeBron James for taking over as the new scoring champion, breaking the record previously held by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Joe Biden tells LeBron to keep the faith, something that might trigger the godless and atheists out there. Some of the far left Democrats might flip out over Joe’s statement, so keep an eye on Joe Biden’s comment section on social media.

If you asked me, then I’d say the LeBron James legacy was built on switching teams, flopping like a fish, and crying when the AC wasn’t on good enough. He shows no loyalty to anyone but himself. What teams do you even think of when you hear LeBron’s name? Is it Cleveland, Miami, LA? What is it? Most of the best players in history were likely to stick around and help their city win, becoming an all time favorite for fans – but what is LeBron James? He’s just a guy who played for 20 years and cried a lot.

Also, does Joe Biden even know who LeBron James really is? Didn’t LeBron have some bad comments about Kyle Rittenhouse that were quite controversial? Maybe Joe Biden’s puppet handlers put him up to this one so they could milk the Black community for voters in the future.

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