Joe Scarborough: I’m sick and tired of Republicans trashing the United States

Joe Scarborough sounded like he was about to burst a vein in his head when he went on an all-out tirade against Republicans in his wacko-world slam of Republicans during a segment on Morning Joe. He said: “I’m sick and tired of Republicans trashing the United States of America. And I’m SICK AND TIRED of them trashing our men and women in uniform!” However, Joe forgets to tell people that any criticism coming from Republicans is geared towards President Joe Biden and not the entire country. Any criticism of the military is due to the woke CRT garbage and diversity stuff that might have happened in the past.

Republicans are NOT trashing the best and the brightest of America, they are trashing the Democrats who bring the country down and ruin the military with woke nonsense. Joe should have been clear on that because his outburst makes it seem like Republicans are anti-American, when they are actually America FIRST. Republicans want a strong economy, strong military, and for other countries to respect the USA as the power it is. Much of that seems to be things Joe Biden may not ever be able to accomplish, so Republicans have every right to go after a president and White House regime they think is failing.

Wake up, Joe. Stop pandering for clicks and views with your anti-Republican rhetoric and take a look around on your way home. Does THIS look like a strong economy? If you’re paying almost ten bucks for a baconator, then no – no it’s not.

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