Megyn Kelly: Don Lemon is a ‘d-bag’ who should be fired for yelling at Kaitlan Collins

Mike Sington on Twitter posted this comment about Megyn Kelly and Don Lemon drama, saying: “Megyn Kelly goes after Don Lemon for allegedly screaming at his co-host Kaitlan Collins, calls him a “douchebag”, and says he should be fired. (Video: SiriusXM).”

If there’s one thing I personally think, in my grand opinion, it’s that Don Lemon is a notorious d-bag and he’s part of the reason that CNN ratings look like hot sewer water in comparison to Fox News. For example, you’ve got Greg Gutfeld over there at Fox New kicking you know what and taking names, Megyn Kelly is doing her thing with her show and making waves in different ways – but what is Don Lemon doing over there at CNN? Well, he got booted to a different show and it sucked right away.

Hey Don Lemon, maybe you’re so sour because you’re not good and the fans don’t like you anymore.

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