Be ready by 2027: China military told to prepare for Taiwan invasion, CIA Director says

Things are looking bleak under President Joe Biden’s leadership and things with China seemed to be a lot more calm when Trump was running the show. Now we’re hearing reports from CIA Director William Burns who claims that China’s President Xi Jinping has ordered their military for a possible future invasion of Taiwan. Quoting him specifically was a report on Fox News: “be ready by 2027 to conduct a successful invasion” of Taiwan.

Obviously it’s not clear how or where Burns received this information and that’s only for him and those around him to know, but he’s a CIA Director, so he probably has plenty of sources. For him to come out and say this while we’re dealing with a Chinese spy balloon situation is quite alarming to say the least.

Fox News report also stated the following:

Burns made the remark Thursday during an event at Georgetown University, where he also said he believes that Xi has been closely watching Russian President Vladimir Putin’s prolonged and costly invasion of Ukraine. Beijing has been engaged in a tense territorial dispute with the island, which it claims is part of China. “On Taiwan, I guess I would say our assessment at CIA is that I wouldn’t underestimate President Xi’s ambitions with regard to Taiwan. He has been pretty clear about that over the years,” Burns said. “I think he has watched very carefully – it seems to us – Putin’s experience in Ukraine and been a little bit unsettled and sobered by that as well.  “We know as a matter of intelligence he has instructed the People’s Liberation Army to be ready by 2027 to conduct a successful invasion,” Burns continued.

So what’s next for Taiwan? How does Taiwan and other nations across the globe react to this information? What will China say as a response? Do they really want to invade Taiwan? Was the balloon found over the airways of Montana really just blown over here by a matter of substantial winds? There’s a lot of questions that need to be asked, but will people like President Joe Biden ask them or will they be scared to confront China?

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