Clean, safe, drinking wurrrr… Fetterman botches appearance

Get ready to see a lot of this folks! This is PA Sen. Fetterman botching one of his first appearances as a Democratic senator. He’s talking about how everyone should have clean and safe drinking water and he’s right on that, he just had trouble saying it. Philly is getting money to upgrade their pipes and help provide clean drinking water, which is great, but it’s sad to see these puppet-like people being elected when they can barely spit out a coherent sentence.

6ABC News reported on the water money:

President Joe Biden was in Philadelphia on Friday, making an announcement at the Belmont Water Treatment Plant and later addressing the Democratic National Committee winter meeting in Center City.

He announced that the city will receive $500 million in funding for water upgrades and lead service removal, part of an effort to replace all lead pipe services in the country over the next decade.

“The vice president and I made a commitment to replace every single service line in every part of the country in the next decade,” Biden said.

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