AOC: It’s uncomfortable serving with people who engage in stochastic terrorism

Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said it’s uncomfortable serving with people who engage in stochastic terrorism. She’s talking about Republicans in her obvious hope for attention. She fails to accept how bad this video looks and it’s nothing but gaslighting, but what else is she good for if it’s not going on social media to make wacky talking points to act like she’s earning a salary. Sure, she gets paid, but does she do anything to warrant that salary? She might want to use this energy to tell everyone it’s last call in the bar, mop up, and count her tips because being a politician just doesn’t seem like a good fit for her. Wait a minute, what am I saying – it’s a perfect fit for her because she makes a lot of money to pretty much do nothing. That’s what being a politician is these days, in my opinion!

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