You’re not burning down the state of Florida: DeSantis devastates crime-ridden Democrat cities, calls out BLM looters

Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis visited several Democrat-run cities being devastated by crime and failing Democrat mayors. They were Philly, NYC, and Chicago. One of his notable quotes is him talking about BLM looters and rioters and demands they be held accountable and thrown in jail. Ron DeSantis does not want his cities or states burned down or his police treated poorly. Ron DeSantis fought back against rioting with legislation and stands against defunding police. DeSantis also gave bonues to police officers who put their lives on the line. It was only $1,000 per officer, but it was a move in the right direction because Democrats want to defund police, but DeSantis is putting money in their pockets and thanking them for their service and supports them.

When DeSantis visited Philly, he basically called out the failing Mayor Jim Kenney and failing District Attorney Larry Krasner – both of whom are being mocked all over the city, but somehow Philadelphians can’t find a way to get them out of office.

Fox 11 reported:

DeSantis stopped in New York City, Philadelphia and Chicago, three major U.S. cities where critics, including DeSantis, say local leaders push policies that embolden criminals.

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner has faced especially strong scrutiny for dismissing a high volume of gun charges and pushing a “no-cash-bail system” system. That scrutiny boiled into a successful impeachment effort by Pennsylvania Republicans last year, though Krasner was ultimately not removed from office.

Speaking in Philadelphia Monday, DeSantis made note of the way he handled a Florida prosecutor who vowed not to enforce certain laws passed by the state legislature.

“I think if somebody goes out and murders a police officer, they should get the death penalty for murdering the police officer,” DeSantis said.

In many cities, worsening violent crime numbers coincide with failing public school systems. A Wirepoints report released last week shows 22 Chicago schools have zero students proficient in reading. A similar phenomenon can be found in Baltimore, where Fox 45’s Project Baltimore reports 23 Baltimore City schools have zero students proficient in math.

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