You should not trust mainstream media: This man explains why

This short video explains what most of you are watching on Fox News and CNN. Both the right wing and left wing mainstream media are doing this and once you listen to the video, you’ll fully understand. The crazy thing is this – it’s not even the full video, but listening to just this short piece is all you need. This is Matt Taibbi explaining why we should never trust the mainstream media and where Journalism goes wrong. He basically says the right and left media pick their audience, then give them the news they know that audience wants to hear. You want proof? Just pick any political story and compare the headlines on the right and left wing sites. Let’s use the Twitter files for example. Right wing outlets said this was one heck of a story. Left wing sites said it was a bust. The truth? It was a huge story because it pointed out that Twitter was doing a bad job on censorship and it was tied to both Democrats and Republicans, but mostly Democrats. CNN and every leftist outlet should have reported on this like crazy, pointing out the facts, even if it hurt some Democrats feelings – because that’s what journalism should be. On the right, guys like Sean Hannity shouldn’t be saying there’s a “bombshell report” every week if there really isn’t. Guys like him get people worked up by focusing on what the Conservatives want to hear. This is called entertainment and talk shows. Maddow, Hannity, they’re not much different – except, Fox News crushes them all in ratings! Why? I dunno, maybe because Fox News people are more accurate – sensational, sure, but still more accurate and people are getting sick and tired of the “woke” left. If I was a Democrat and found out boys were going in my daughter’s locker room at school, I’d never vote Democrat again. That stuff is ridiculous and people are SICK OF THE WOKENESS!!!! IT’S 100% terrible and no one wants it.

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