“You can charge your phone on your way home from work” – Kamala mocked for out of touch EV bus speech

Vice president Kamala Harris was mocked like she always is, but this time it was even worse than you’d think. She was raving about electric buses and being able to charge your phone on the way home from work. I’d like to give Kamala Harris a newsflash that we’ve been able to charge our phones in the car ever since the cell phones came out with the adapter. Geez, how many years ago was that? Exactly. Kamala Harris is so out of touch with reality that she’s the poster-child for never doing a diversity hire again and getting rid of affirmative action.

Here’s what she said that had people laughing:

Because as everyone here knows, electric buses do not produce toxic exhaust.  They are healthier for people, cleaner for communities, and better for our planet.  A few minutes ago, as Matt walked me around, I had the opportunity to take a look at one of the buses that is being built in this factory.  It is a model of American innovation.  No exhaust.  No diesel smell.  The bus has Wi-Fi and even USB outlets next to every seat.  I mean, come on, imagine.  You can charge your phone on your way home from work.  That’s good stuff. And electric buses are also cheaper to run and more reliable than gas-powered buses.  Cities and towns with electric fleets spend less on gas and maintenance.  And as some of the leaders here can attest, that means more money in the local budget to add more routes, more stops, and more drivers.  And that means more reliable service.  So, you know, for anyone who’s had to wait too long in the cold because the bus is late, you know how much that matters.

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