A man and woman are seen ordering food and what happened next was ridiculous. The woman gets the order, while the man with the mullet stands behind her quietly and possibly embarrassed, and the woman checks the order. She claims the order is wrong and she viciously threw it on the ground, dumping out all of the food. Now she’s scolding the cashier and demanding it be fixed. Even worse, it was caught on video.


The woman looks like she’s just rolled out of bed at 12 noon, ready for a long day of collecting welfare while the guy with her has a mullet that anyone in a 70’s night club would be jealous of. He seems embarrassed, but afraid to speak up to her because she’s probably buying his lunch since he likely spent all his money on a six pack of Pabst.

She looks like a prototype from “People of Walmart” and someone you wouldn’t let your kids go near because she’s probably chain-smoking 8 packs of Marlboro reds in an hour and watching reruns of the Love Boat.

We have probably all experienced getting an order wrong at least once, but did you throw it on the floor in a temper tantrum and demand them to remake the entire thing? She just wasted all of that food when she could have simply asked for what was missing. Or maybe the cashier gave her the wrong bag of food and now someone in the drive-thru will be waiting a bit longer.

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In her defense, you never know what someone is going through. Maybe one of her 34 cats is missing and she’s upset, so she takes it out on an innocent dude making minimum wage like it’s his fault. He probably didn’t even bag the order, but he got all her anger at once.

The real winner here is the cashier – that guy has the patience of a saint to not say something back.