Woman fatally runs over thief trying to steal catalytic converter (video)

A woman in California fell asleep in her lifted truck and when she woke up, she turned it on and began driving. That’s when she felt a bump and had no idea what it was. Turns out it was some guy trying to steal her catalytic converter and she had no idea he was under there. She called the police immediately. Authorities arrived and the man was taken to a hospital, but he didn’t make it.


CBS News reported:

The man who was run over was taken to Antelope Valley Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

“The victim turned her vehicle on, put it in reverse, heard a thump and stopped the vehicle, and then saw that there was a suspect underneath the car that had been run over by her car,” said Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Lt. Hugo Reynaga.

Deputies said three other suspects — a man and two women — in a car parked next to the truck were taken into custody.

CBS News then relayed some information from the police and it was tips on how to keep your car safe from the criminals trying to steal your catalytic converters.

  • When you are able to, park in well-lit areas and close to your home.
  • Try to park your car inside and keep the garage door shut.
  • Have the catalytic converter welded to your car’s frame, which may make it harder to steal.
  • Consider engraving or etching your vehicle identification number (VIN) on the catalytic converter
  • Consider engraving or etching your vehicle license plate number on the catalytic converter
  • Calibrate your car’s alarm to set off when it detects vibration.

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