Danica McKellar, best known for her role as Winnie Cooper in The Wonder Years, has decided to get involved in the Candace Cameron Bure marriage drama.  Neal Bledsoe’s departure from the Great American Family network and his opinion on Candace Cameron Bure’s remarks regarding traditional marriage obviously inspired McKellar and urged her to come out with her views.

The 47-year-old actress said to Fox News Digital that Neal is a great person and a great actor. McKellar said she enjoyed working with him very much because they both share support and love for the LGBT community. She added that she disagrees with Neal’s interpretation of Bure’s comments, said People.

McKellar went on to explain that Bure used “I think” at the beginning of the sentence, which sent a clear signal that her opinion wasn’t definitive, and she ended it with “at its core,” which means that it was not exclusive. Bure commented on the portrayal of hetero couples in movies. She added that she wants the community to leave division for math classes and continue focusing on happiness and unity.

A 41-year-old actor, Bledsoe, who co-starred McKellar in Christmas at the Drive-In this year and The Winter Palace, informed Variety of his decision to leave the network.  Bledsoe stated that his life would have been much different if it wasn’t for the love, support, and guidance of the LGBTQIA+ community. The actor explained that the group gave him refuge and light during very dark times. He felt that his life was lost and that society had an incredibly narrow concept of masculinity.

Bledsoe expressed his grief for not being able to stand up for the community and give them something back for all the love they gave to him. However, he voiced out very clearly that his support for LGBTQIA+ was unconditional. The members of the community should be able to love and live freely in a world that feels lucky for having them.

Bure, 46, sparked controversy in an interview with The Wall Street Journal when she stated that the Great America Family would be different from the increasingly diverse programming on her former network, the Hallmark Channel, and that she was eager to tell stories that focused on “traditional marriage.”

After receiving harsh criticism, Bure explained that she would never break anyone’s heart intentionally and that she had great love and affection for all people. She pointed out that she is a devoted Christian who believes that every person bears the image of God.

McKellar had something to say about Bure’s comments, and she expressed her thought via an Instagram post.  McKellar stated that she celebrated all kinds of healthy life between adults and that she takes pride in being a part of Home Economics. She added that she and her spouse felt privileged to attend their friend’s wedding to his husband in Mexico and that that relationship was one of the purest ones she had ever seen.

McKellar concluded that the idea of Christianity judging any form of love between adults was completely baffling for her.

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