Whoppi Goldberg argues Biden scandal, has no clue what she’s talking about

Whoopi Goldberg, a co-host of The View, seems to be arguing about Joe Biden’s classified documents and proves exactly why she has no idea what she’s talking about. President Joe Biden had classified documents found in locations linked to him, including his garage. That requires the same level of investigation that would be done for anyone else, like how they raided Donald Trump’s building. Anytime documents like that are found, there need to be questions and answers and it doesn’t matter WHO had them or how they got there – and there may be consequences for it. The rule of law needs to be followed and no one should be making excuses for blubbering Joe Biden just because he’s old, senile, or the president.

Maybe this is a big reason why people are getting sick of Whoopi Goldberg. Some fans of the show want her kicked off and replaced with a former host! For making “offensive” comments again about the Holocaust, Goldberg was slammed by the fans, according to The Sun. Goldberg recently brought her comments up again about the Holocaust, as back in February she claimed that it was “not about race.” It is still unclear if they will bring her back or if she will be suspended, as she made those comments while the show was on hiatus. The fans of ‘The View’ are, however, demanding for the moderator to be fired, and they have already chosen who they want to replace her with, which would be Rosie O’Donnell.

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