What’s your response: Brett Kavanaugh questions lawyer in case that could change social media

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh asked lawyers questions during an oral argument of Gonzalez v. Google Oral Argument. This is a law case where the Supreme Court will consider and determine how much, or if at all, a social media platform is responsible for content posted on their platforms by the users. Should big tech companies be held liable for what some random individual posts on social media? Most people think that answer is no. It would be impossible for every website or social media platform to monitor every single user and determine what is acceptable and what’s not. If that was to happen, then it would be like we live in a state where everything we say is monitored and determined if it’s OK to post or not, so it’s like a bizarre police-state that would be horrible to live in. These platforms should not be responsible for the acts of any individual and hopefully the Supreme Court rules in that direction.

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