“Watching Kamala speak puts you at risk of losing brain cells and lowering your IQ” – Juanita Broadrick rips VP

Vice President Kamala Harris was being ridiculed on Twitter today when she gave a statement about the Chinese spy balloon, saying it wasn’t helpful and suggesting that’s why they shot it down. Kamala Harris said during an exclusive interview with NBC: “We will maintain the perspective that we have in terms of what should be the relationship between China and the United States… That is not going to change, but surely and certainly that balloon was not helpful, which is why we shot it down.”

Juanita Broaddrick, who once accuses Bill Clinton of horrible crimes against her, was one of the most notable figures mocking Kamala Harris after her interview. Juanita said, “Watching Kamala speak puts you at risk of losing brain cells and lowering your IQ.”

Other people chimed in, mocking her for the bizarre comment about the Chinese spy balloon. Tennessee Republican Rep. Tim Burchett said, “thank you for clearing that up.”

It’s like Kamala Harris can barely tell us the things we already know and doesn’t ever have answers on the things we need to know.

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