Watch Matt Gaetz demolish Geraldo so bad even Hannity stepped in

Geraldo tried to push Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz around and found out that was a bad idea. Gaetz said: “We believe that instead of having omnibus spending legislation that comes to us with only a few hours to consider thousands of pages and then vote on something that funds every agency of the government all at once, that we should take individual votes on appropriations bills. That’s a concession we didn’t have when voting began. It’s one we earned by the time it ended… We also believe that when bills are considered, they should comport to a single subject so I don’t have to do what I’ve had to do in the past, and vote on the farm bill at the same time you’re voting on whether or not there’s gonna be war powers in Yemen.”

Geraldo said: “Congressman, with your filibuster right now, you are portraying yourself to the American people as a thoughtful legislator… And yet, the publicity that you get – characteristically – almost inevitably is flamboyant, it’s confrontational.”

Gaetz responded with “a substantive argument about changes to the process.”

It was so bad that even Sean Hannity had to step in and put a foot down against struggling Geraldo.

Hannity said: “He answered your very specific question about what he was fighting for… My only argument – and Matt and I talked in December, you can verify this as true – my only beef with everybody was I wanted everybody to be in full agreement by January 3rd. Four days, it came and went. Now everybody’s on the same page.”

Shout out to Trending Politics for the partial transcript.

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