Video of Kamala Harris talking about electricity is as bad as it gets

This video shows vice president Kamala Harris talking about electricity and the video was so bad that people were either falling asleep, laughing, or both – laughing themselves to sleep over how clueless she sounds. Kamala Harris is the perfect example of why no one should ever hire someone for diversity reasons. Always take the best candidate – not the woke candidate. Every job in America should focus on getting someone perfect for the job based on their skills and experience, not how they look or where they’re from. In this case, Joe Biden had so many more talented options of people who could actually be helpful, but he picked Kamala Harris so he could get the ‘woman’ and ‘person of color’ all in one – that’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it. It’s also my opinion that Kamala Harris is a failed vice president who’s done nothing beneficial for us. In fact, what does she do all day? Does anyone know?

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