U-Haul rampage in Brooklyn injures almost a dozen, suspect in custody

Some guy went on a rampage in a U-Haul truck in Brooklyn. Police responded with the bomb squad just in case there was anything in the truck. At least eight people have been reported injured during the chaos. Police have the suspect in custody. The suspect was driving on sidewalks and all over the place, hitting people along the way.

NBC New York reported the following:

The lone driver, a 62-year-old man now in police custody, was apprehended following a violent rampage through the borough’s Bay Ridge and Sunset Park neighborhoods.

Of the eight people injured in the morning mayhem, two were said to be in critical condition and another two were serious. Everyone else had minor injuries, according to police. All patients were taken to NYC Langone in Brooklyn.

Senior law enforcement officials identified the driver as 62-year-old Weng Sor. His ties to the Brooklyn area were not immediately clear, nor was it clear what he was using the truck for. Investigators believe Sor was issued a traffic infraction while using the truck at least once within the past week.

Gov Hochul says they’re unsure what the man’s motive was, but are obviously looking into it. Screenshot from News4 video.

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