Tucker Carlson goes off: “Don Lemon began to melt down before our very eyes”

Tucker Carlson of Fox News went on a three minute mockery of CNN’s Don Lemon and fans seemed to love it. Some notable quotes from the video were listed by Western Journal, with one of them mentioning White Claws, which is right up Don Lemon’s alley, if ya catch my drift!

Western Journal reported:

Carlson said deep down he feels a sense of admiration for Lemon, before he asked, “How can a man so obviously limited have such boundless self-esteem?”

“Doesn’t he know he’s an idiot?” Carlson asked.He answered his own question, “No, he has no idea.”

“This is the guy who once suggested that a commercial airliner had been eaten by a black hole,” Carlson said. “And when people laughed at him, he seemed completely unbothered by their laughter. In a world of intellectual pretense, Don Lemon is not ashamed of being dumb. Or, for that matter, ashamed of anything else.”

Carlson reminded his viewers Lemon claimed, after he lost his prime-time show, that it was actually a “promotion.” He also theorized CNN’s new CEO Chris Licht placed Lemon with Harlow and Collins on the morning show to “torture” him for his vanity.“Licht paired Don Lemon with two much younger, much more attractive co-hosts,” Carlson said.

“And the normally steely Don Lemon began to melt down before our very eyes.”Carlson joked that “CNN This Morning” has become something like “Thanksgiving at the alcoholic passive-aggressive family’s house.”

The Fox News host suggested Licht should meet with Lemon “over a few mango White Claws” to remind him, “Just because somebody else is pretty, it doesn’t mean that you’re ugly.”

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