Donald Trump Jr. only needed just eight words to mock Zelensky who’s in America this week while the Ukraine continues its war with Russia. It’s nice to know that Zelensky had plenty of time to go on a little vacation to America to speak with Congress, who gave him a huge round of applause. It’s like they’re clapping for Zelensky to keep taking America’s money in the form of foreign aid while many Americans are suffering.

So what did Trump Jr say that ticked off tons of left-wingers on Twitter? Well, it was just eight words and it was quite a doozy. But before you know those words, you should know the context. Byron York, a chief political consultant, said the following: “Zelensky is apparently prepared to tell Congress that whatever the US has given Ukraine — $45 billion in new aid now under consideration — it is not enough. From AP.


Donald Trump Jr. couldn’t hold it in when he said: “Zelensky is basically an ungrateful international welfare queen.

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And that one sentence is all he needed to spark the flow of Internet memes, jokes, and mockery targeting the guy who’s now being accused of grifting tons of money off the backs of Americans. Thanks for nothing, Congress!