Trump gives Democrats 3 reasons to freak out in hopes to save Social Security/Medicare for seniors

According to a post by Donald Trump Jr, his father former President Donald Trump has three ideas that will likely make Democrats mad, but might help reduce cuts or save Social Security/Medicare for seniors. Trump Jr. posted the following message on Twitter: “New policy video from @realDonaldTrump Cut foreign aid to countries that hate us, cut the billions in Green New Deal extremism, secure the border & stop illegals from using taxpayer funded services, but DON’T CUT Social Security/Medicare for our seniors.”

Trump Jr. tagged his father in the post, but Donald has not been on Twitter since getting banned around the time of the J6 incident. Trump is reportedly allowed back on Twitter, but some speculate there could be a contract he signed with Truth that would prevent him from posting on any other platform until that contract runs out. It would be beneficial for Trump to be on Twitter as the audience there is much, much bigger.

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