Remember Tom from MySpace? He was your FIRST friend! He gave us everything! We could edit our profile with colors, glitter gifs, music, and even pick 8 friends who we thought were the best, making friends 9+ feel left out completely! We didn’t have anyone censoring content, we didn’t have the FBI targeting Americans – it was just all fun and games like social media is supposed to be! MySpace was THE BEST social media platform we’ve ever had. The only thing that would top that is the old school AOL chatrooms.

What happened to Tom from MySpace? Watch this video to see:

We really had it good back in the day, but now everything sucks. All the social media platforms now are not social at all. They’re run by algorithms that tell us what we should like, instead of letting us discover things on our own. The people running social media are influencing the things we see, hear, and feel on a daily basis thanks to their faulty and lousy algo’s – but that’s another topic for another day.

If you haven’t heard, Elon Musk ran a poll saying he’d step down. He followed up by later saying that he would only step down as CEO if someone else was “foolish” enough to take the position. Here comes MySpace Tom swinging his big nuts of glory right in front of Elon, basically letting him know that Tom may or may not be available. After all, Tom sold MySpace for millions years ago and went off to live a life filled with photography. You never heard from him much on MySpace – even though he was everyone’s first friend – and you never heard from him much after it sold – but here he is now and nearly 50,000 people have already voted with the majority of them saying YES, TOM SHOULD BE THE NEW TWITTER CEO!!! How awesome would that be!

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MAKE IT HAPPEN! Social media was A LOT BETTER with Tom and MySpace than it is now.