This is disgusting: GOP Senator drags stick in Ohio creek on video

GOP Sen. JD Vance posted this video on Twitter and said: “Visited a local creek in East Palestine today. These waterways are still very polluted. It’s time for Norfolk Southern to finish the cleanup. Check this video out:”

Vance was in East Palestine visiting after the train derailed and chemicals were released. Vance was at the Leslie Run Creek and ran a stick along the bottom of it, then some weird bubbling happened and you can see it in the video. Vance says it’s disgusting and they need to get it cleaned up, further suggesting how far behind they are in the cleanup process.

“This is disgusting. The fact that we have not cleaned up the train crash, the fact that these chemicals are still seeping in the ground is an insult to the people who live in East Palestine. Do not forget these people, we’ve got to keep applying pressure.”

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