There is no price that I would sell out my country for: Kari Lake

Outspoken Republican Kari Lake says there is no price she would take to sell out her country. This was during a speech at CPAC, a meet up for political right wing nerds and people who won’t talk to you unless you 1) pay them, 2) have a blue check on Twitter, or 3) a combination of both. I paid $8 for my blue check but still no one talks to me because my follower count isn’t high enough.

Kari Lake is tearing up the Internet this week after her video came out and she made some claims, without evidence, that someone tried to bribe her out of politics. This ranks right up there with the liberals who say things like “my 1 year old just said men belong in the women’s bathroom and anyone who disagrees is a bigot” – clearly neither of them ever happened. Honestly, if Kari Lake was bribed at her door, then she would have recorded it and blasted it all over social media. I vote Republican, but I’m not listening to this garbage for one second. The world is full of fake people folks.

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