The View host says Griner trade is why WNBA players should be paid more

Looks like The View co-host Sunny Hostin has no idea how sports works. She’s trying to say that Brittney Griner’s release in the worst prisoner trade ever is a reason why WNBA players should be paid more. However, that’s not how sports works. Athletes are paid based on their contracts, revenue brought in, popularity, and other metrics like that. The truth is that the WNBA sucks and barely anyone watches it. People don’t care about the WNBA and that’s why they barely make any money. Does anyone even know what team Brittney Griner is on? Right, because no one cares about her or the team. I can’t name a single team in the WNBA, can you? Apparently Griner was making $221,450 a year, so that ain’t bad considering no one gives a hoop about women’s basketball. They should take it or leave it, but it’s time for people to shut up about men and women sports and equal pay nonsense. It ain’t happening unless people watch the sport.

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