For the alleged incident that led to the arrest of the University of Texas Men’s Basketball Head Coach Chris Beard, new details have emerged recently.


After the Austin Police Department reportedly responded to a “disturbance hot shot,” which the department says are incidents that “are in progress and are an immediate threat to life and/or public safety (i.e. shootings, stabbings, rapes, riots),” the 49-year-old Beard was arrested, the Daily Wire reported.

Beard and his fiancée were having relationship issues, the arrest affidavit said, and according to Beard’s fiancée, he “snapped” during a heated conversation and “became super violent.”

The fiancée said that after Beard refused to communicate with her because he was mad at her, the incident began and when he came home he went to the guest room in the house. As per the report, he was laying on the bed twirling a pair of reading glasses in his hands, and then she grabbed the glasses and broke them.

From there, everything escalated very quickly.

Allegedly, the basketball coach went to the main bedroom, where he slapped the glasses she was wearing off her face, and when the couple was supposedly lying in bed together, she attempted to retrieve her glasses. That was when she was thrown off the bed, as she claims.

Reportedly she could not see very well because she didn’t have her glasses while trying to gather her things. Beard stood behind her and put his arm around her neck, she claims, according to the report.

“He choked me, threw me off the bed, bit me, bruises all over my leg, throwing me around, and going nuts,” the woman said, adding that she did not feel safe after that happened.

Law enforcement asked her if his choking her “impeded her breathing,” to which she replied, saying: “Yes, I could not breathe, he did it for probably like 5 seconds.”

On the other side, Beard said during an interview with the police that he had audio recordings that indicated that he was not the primary aggressor. But when the police asked him if he was willing to share the recordings, he said that he is not.

Since signing a seven-year contract that pays him $5 million per year, Beard has been the University of Texas Men’s Basketball Head Coach for two years.

A clause in his contract allows the school to suspend or terminate him if “any conduct (a) that the University administration reasonably determines is clearly unbecoming to a Head Coach and reflects poorly on the University, the Program, or The University of Texas System; or (b) resulting in a criminal charge being brought against Head Coach involving a felony, or any crime involving theft, dishonesty, or moral turpitude,” the Austin American-Statesman reported.

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