Stuffing it in their pants! Kevin McCarthy slams Biden scandal

Republican Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy was slamming President Joe Biden’s classified document scandal when he was asking how a guy could have documents from all the way back, many years ago, when he was a senator! What was he doing, stuffing them in his pants! McCarthy’s joke towards Biden simply makes people wonder how and/or why Biden would have any documents from that time at all. What is the purpose of that? Was Biden aware? Did he forget about them? Probably no one knows the real answer except Joe Biden himself and that’s if he even remembers it. 

President Joe Biden faces more scrutiny as another batch of classified documents were discovered in a Delaware home owned by Biden. The White House Counsel’s Office was on the hunt for more classified documents and searched both of Biden’s homes in Delaware – one in Rehoboth at the beach, and another in Wilmington. This all comes after the first sets of classified documents were found in Biden’s old office that he used during his time as vice president to former President Barack Obama.

Escalating the situation to a further degree was Attorney General Merrick Garland who named Robert Hur as Special Counsel for investigating the classified documents linked to Joe Biden.

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