She’d do things I don’t think you learn in nursing school… She’d whisper in my ear… Biden on his former nurse

President Joe Biden said in a speech on February 23: ” When I was at Walter Reed all that time, after a couple of craniotomies, I was lying there.  And I had a nurse named Pearl Nelson, military.  She’d come in and do things that I don’t think you learn in medical scho- — in nursing school.  (Laughter.)  She’d whisper in my ear.  I didn’t — couldn’t understand her, but she’d whisper, and she’d lean down.  She’d actually breathe on me to make sure that I was — there was a connection, a human connection. She even went home and brought back her pillow from her own bed because they didn’t — knew the one I had wasn’t comfortable.”Twitter put a fact check on it to verify that YES, it was really him saying these things and it was not a deepfake video.

Following a strange account from President Joe Biden earlier this week, in which he recounted an eerie story about a nurse who once cared for him, Twitter was compelled to include a “fact check” to reassure stunned social media users that the story was genuine.

Twitter comically had to add a “community note” explaining the clip was not a “deep fake” or doctored video.

“There is a lot of confusion in the responses to this tweet as to whether or not this is a doctored/deepfake video. This is in fact unedited legitimate footage from a Joe Biden speech which took place on 2/28/23,” the Twitter community notes context stated.

Social media users went off on Biden’s bizarre recollection. “Very glad we have such a powerful and articulate commander in chief,” one Twitter user commented sarcastically. “He just gets weirder. Every day,” another Twitter user said.

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