Republicans really hate the 20th century: Joy Reid makes claim that backfires

Joy Reid, one of MSNBC’s worst hosts, tries to rally against Republicans by saying they hate modern times and the 20th century. Specifically, Joy Reid said something along these lines: “Republicans really hate the 20th Century. From setting back the clock on women’s reproductive rights, to…their zeal for banning books.” However, she completely backfired and missed the mark because Republicans are trying to protect women’s rights in the sense they are trying to keep men out of women’s bathrooms and sports in hopes to keep their sports for real biological women only. When it comes to books, there are people like Florida’s Ron DeSantis who doesn’t want inappropriate books being taught to school-aged children – books that contain s-xual content or gender study material and CRT. These are just Republicans trying to make things better for the world. Republicans don’t hate the 20th century, they hate how Democrats are allowing the world to become a circus.

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