Rep. Comer targets federal GOVT over waste, fraud, & abuse

GOP Rep. Comer posted this message today, saying: “I will return@GOPoversight to its mission of rooting out waste, fraud, & abuse in the federal government. I also look forward to hearing from @USNatArchives on their processes for handling classified material.” Comer spoke with Fox News contributor Jasson Chaffetz on the matter. It seems like Comer wants to help eradicate wasteful spending in the government, something the government may have a big problem with.

Many people suggested that the government spends too much money and most of the people saying this are Republican/Conservative and want to reduce wasteful spending as well. But how will the Democrats respond to this? It seems like whenever something big is passed, like the recent Omnibus, it always has so many different things included. Some people want them to vote on individual issues and not package them all together because then sometimes political pet projects seem to get through and it’s not always beneficial to the majority of Americans or the national debt.

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