Rachel Maddow feuds over gender pay gap in heated video

Here’s Rachel Maddow and Alex Castellanos debating the gender pay gap. This video was fact checked by CNN and they determined Rachel Maddow to be right. But since it was fact checked by CNN, do you believe them? That’s up to you.

Mediaite reported on this video and the fact check:

“The question: Is there an earnings gap between men and women,” asked Sylvester. “And the answer, according to the Census Bureau, is yes.”

Sylvester profiles Lisa Maatz, American Association Of University Women’s director of public policy and government relations, who told CNN that as an adjunct professor she often sees her male counterparts making more than their female colleagues.

“Castellanos makes two points: that men make more because they work more and they go into professions that pay higher salaries,” says Sylvester. “But data directly from the Census Bureau shows there is a pay gap and it’s real.”

CNN reports that the United States Census Bureau found that in 2010, “the earnings of women who worked full time, year-round were 77 percent of that for men working full time, year-round.”

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