Professional cleaner says 4 household products we should not use

Here’s a woman who’s a professional cleaner and gives her opinion on the items she would not use and some items she would use. This is her opinion, not mine, and I don’t give a crap what you clean your house with or if you ever clean it at all. Hopefully you do though, because living in filth would be like a 3rd world country or Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago…. thank goodness she’s not gonna be mayor anymore! Here’s just one item she mentioned below, but the video tells more.

NY Post reported:

A Michigan house cleaner is advising her social media followers to stop using four popular household products, including a glass spray that may leave fans feeling blue. Alyssa Armstrong, who owns Alyssa’s Cleaning Company, took to TikTok to share her tips in a video that is sweeping the platform with 705,000 views. Windex, a blue-tinted solution that cleans glass and windows, rubs Armstrong the wrong way.

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