NYC’s Democrat Mayor Eric Adams is pleading for money, blaming President Joe Biden and two other Democrats for the lack of funding. The money should have helped the city deal with the increasing number of migrants as Title 42 approaches its end. Title 42 is a regulation that permits the Border Patrol to reject illegal immigrants at the border to slow the spread of you know what. The regulation was imposed during the Trump era.

Adam has sent an email to City Council. The message was a warning regarding the surge of illegal immigrants that are headed for NYC. The Democrat Mayor stated that his request for funding was ignored. The email said that the City was expecting a higher volume of buses. On the day when the message was sent, two buses were headed to NYC, and 10 or 15 others were expected in the next two days. All of that happened because of the lifting of Title 42. The email stated that the City had opened 60 emergency shelters, four humanitarian aid centers, and two welcoming centers. New York City has already welcomed more than 31,000 asylum seekers.

The note also forewarned of an increase in illegal immigration that was anticipated by bus in the coming days. Adams’ email explained that the City should expect a surge of buses coming from the border, as well as that over 1K asylum seekers will reach The Big Apple every week, reported the Daily Wire.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) received a $1 billion financing request from New York City for the purpose of assisting asylum seekers crossing the southern border. The request is still in the review stage.

The City’s already record-high levels of homelessness will increase as a result of the surge in illegal immigration. Previous reports claim the number of people staying in New York City’s homeless shelter system in October broke all previous records.

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Adams has commented on that matter, too, explaining that the situation was more than a regular homelessness crisis. He dubbed it a humanitarian crisis that needs a different approach. He pointed out that humanitarian emergency centers deal with the surge of seekers, providing the City with support and triage. He promised that NYC would continue to work on the case with compassion and care since the crisis was made by human hands.

A coalition of Republican attorneys general recently launched a last-minute lawsuit to maintain Title 42, but the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia rejected it. Even if the ruling could be challenged before the Supreme Court, it is unlikely to result in a change of circumstances by the deadline of December 21.

The termination of the policy, according to Texas Rep. Troy Nehls (R-TX), would overwhelm the country far more than the current high migrant numbers. In one of his tweets, Nehls said that Title 42 was the last defense measure that prevented illegal immigrants from crossing the border. He described the situation as a full-scale invasion.

Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas, also spoke out on the issue, predicting that if the courts do not intervene and stop the elimination of Title 42, the situation will spiral out of control.