Noem stands up to China, won’t sell South Dakota to ‘nations who hate us’

Republican Gov. Kristi Noem took a stand against China, among other things, while giving her recent speech. One of the main things she talked about was protecting taxpayer money from benefiting the CCP and trying to protect land in South Dakota from being purchased by ‘nations who hate us.’

As formally reported:

Noem said that the Chinese Communist Party is the greatest challenge facing the United States, pointing to the popularity of the social media platform, TikTok.

“It’s possible they could be using the app to gather users’ keystrokes – which means the Chinese Communist Party could have access to the financial information of tens of millions of Americans. This is an unacceptable security threat coming from a nation that hates America,” Noem said.

In November, Noem banned state agencies and employees from using TikTok on state devices.

In addition to her crusade against TikTok, Noem wants to prevent “nations that hate us” from purchasing South Dakota agricultural land.

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