Navy SEAL shows way to protect yourself from home invasion

Here’s a video from Frogman Tactical showing viewers how to protect themselves from a home invasion tactic where criminals pretend to be a salesman, then they rob your home and sometimes assault you. Frogman Tactical wrote this description to go with the video.

In this video I discuss a few concepts to consider to prevent a home invasion. Believe it or not, many cases have risen to where criminals appear to be salesman at your door and when you answer several force entry for various reasons such as robbery, kidnapping, rape, and murder. There are many aspects to this discussion such as what state you live in, how to respond, and what happens when specific things occur. What is most important is for you to have a Security Foundation set in stone that you abide by all the time. As stated, my foundation is, always have a CCW at hand, keep the doors locked at all times, and am I expecting anyone? These 3 Security Measures will allow you to build a Response to the criminals actions. I will be putting out a new series that focuses on these topics called Home Defense.

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