My Hope for 2024: George Soros praises Ron DeSantis over Donald Trump

Here’s a very odd video where George Soros talks about Donald Trump vs Ron DeSantis and Soros sounds like he just endorsed the Republican Florida Governor.  Soros, 92, said: “My hope for 2024 is that Trump and Governor DeSantis of Florida will slug it out for the Republican nomination. Trump has turned into a pitiful figure, continuing mourning his loss in 2020. Big Republican donors are abandoning him in droves. DeSantis is shrewd, ruthless and ambitious. He is likely to be [the] Republican candidate. This could induce Trump, whose narcissism has turned into a disease, to run as a third-party candidate. That would lead to a Democratic landslide and force the Republican Party to reform itself.”

Trump is running for president in 2024 in hopes to defeat Democrats. Ron DeSantis has not said he’s running for president, at the time this was posted, but people close to him think he’ll give it a shot. Critics say getting in Trump’s way could be counterproductive for both of them. Others say if Republicans have a shot to win, then it would more likely be with Ron DeSantis. Of course, there’s no way to tell because DeSantis hasn’t decided yet and this is all more or less speculation until DeSantis decides.

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