Alleged ‘rino’ and ‘do-nothing-politician’ Mitch McConnell has revealed what he believes is the top priority for the United States and sadly it was not the American people. McConnell said, on video, the following statement: “Providing assistance for Ukrainians to defeat the Russians is the number one priority for the United States right now according to most Republicans. That’s how we see the challenges confronting the country at the moment.”

WATCH McConnell say it:

Meanwhile, many Americans are wondering why the United States has sent billions to Ukraine in the form of foreign aid while there are so many problems disturbing people living here. Inflation, gas prices, crime, homelessness, rotten landlords, and criminally high interest rates are just some of the major issues plaguing every day Americans, hitting them right in the wallet.

Could some of those billions be spent on Americans to improve the daily life of the people these politicians are supposed to represent? The American people have questions about how the money sent to Ukraine is being spent and why is SO MUCH being sent there? Why is McConnell saying that helping Ukraine fight a war that America is not part of is the number one priority instead of getting America back on track and performing at a much higher, more successful level?

How much money has America sent to Ukraine, recently? An article posted on from November 18, 2022 says the following:

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U.S. aid to Ukraine totals $68 billion, and the White House has just asked Congress for another $37.7 billion. In the spring, the new Congress will consider aid in the context of the administration’s proposed FY 2024 budget. With these decisions ahead, it is worth reviewing how much aid there has been, what that aid does, and what the administration is requesting. Such a review turns up some surprises and will help clarify discussions about future aid packages.

This does not include any funding sent to the Ukraine before the war with Russia. This also does not include any aid that was sent after November 22, 2022 – that would all be additional on top of what was reported on CSIS.

Like I said… the American people want answers and transparency, and they definitely deserve it. A temporary relief for the American people would be to see Mitch McConnell retire from politics as people believe he’s right up there with Democrat House Speaker (not for long) Nancy Pelosi, who should also resign/retire on the notion that neither of them are serving their country with their country’s best interests at heart.

The United States government would be more successful with term limits at every position and an age requirement of 35-65, with forced retirement at 65, because NO ONE should be a lifelong politician clinging on to power in their 80s. At that point, what purpose do they serve other than to take home an easy salary while doing little to nothing in return for it?

Pay attention to the people who Mitch McConnell surrounds himself with. Are these folks thinking the same way Mitch is?