McCarthy pushes back when confronted by reporter

CSPAN posted this video of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy toying with a reporter and trying to shut them down completely when confronted. McCarthy said:” Let me be very clear & respectful to you. You ask me a question when I answer it it’s the answer to your question. You don’t get to determine whether I answer a question or not, okay? In all respect…what happens in the Intel Committee you don’t know.”

When a reporter asks a question and gets an answer, then that’s the answer. However, sometimes the politicians answer a question WITHOUT answering the question. Look at people like Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, Adam Schiff – lots of Democrats use this strategy when 1) they don’t know the answer, or 2) they don’t want to tell you the answer because it’s a bad answer and they know the truth hurts. Democrats especially do this all the time. They deflect the question by running off a word salad full of croutons and bullsh*t without giving anyone the real answer.

It’s like asking Kamala Harris if 2+2=4 and she says, “well, you know math is hard these days in poor communities where they don’t have two parents because mom is on the phone all day and dad took off because he can’t stand the mom, so the kids may not know 2+2, so maybe it’s not 4 to them, but it’s 5, and that’s where we have a problem.” And all she had to say was “yes, 2+2=4” without the nonsense and ended the conversation right there, but they know that’s the easy honest answer and rarely give it.

How did Kevin McCarthy handle this situation TO YOU?

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