McCarthy fails, sends Speaker vote to FOURTH ballot for first time in 100 years

UPDATE: It is going to the TENTH round as of 5:17pm 1/5/22

Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy has failed to gain enough votes needed for him to become the Speaker of the House on the first ballot. This will now send the vote to the second ballot for the first time in 100 years. There was 19 GOP lawmakers who voted against him in an attempt to put more efforts towards a “consensus candidate” but it’s unclear who those particular lawmakers want to be the speaker. This is an ongoing story, so keep an eye on here or Google to see what happens next in the quest for the next Speaker of the House.

Washington Examiner reported the following:

A total of 19 Republicans voted against McCarthy on the first ballot. Among the “no” votes were Rep. Andy Biggs, who challenged McCarthy for the leadership spot and voted for himself. Most of the “no” votes were in his favor. Six members voted for Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), including Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO), Rep. Mary Miller (R-IL), and Rep.-elect Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL). Jordan is a member of the Freedom Caucus and the top Republican on the House Judiciary Committee.

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