Male cruise ship employee caught recording in woman’s bathroom

This is why we don’t want men in the women’s bathrooms! This scumbag was BUSTED recording women in the bathroom of a cruise ship and to make things worse – HE WORKS THERE!!! Thankfully the guy was fired, but this proves once again why men should not ever be in the women’s bathroom – not even for cleaning at this point.

NY Post reported:

“This man was in the women’s restroom located at the kids club,” the victim, identifed only as Saja, captioned the disturbing clip. The sordid incident reportedly occurred aboard the MSC Meraviglia — a cruise ship belonging to the France-based MSC Cruises fleet headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.The horrified passenger claimed that the man locked himself in the adjoining toilet stall and appeared to be aiming a camera at her.The distressed Saja can be seen motioning to a loo cubicle as she tells a male cleaning staffer: “There’s someone hiding under there filming me.”

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