“Let’s Go Brandon” – people shout as Trump arrives in East Palestine before Biden

Former President Donald Trump visited East Palestine in Ohio after their train derailment and this is while President Joe Biden is wrapping up his trip to Ukraine and Poland. Biden has NOT visited East Palestine yet and they were also denied emergency aid because the toxic derailment didn’t meet the typical disaster requirements by FEMA, despite it being a complete disaster over there, especially with the environment. However, FEMA members have started to arrive and that situation is ongoing. Seems like they will assess everything and decide what to do from there. Perhaps Trump going there may have woken some people up, but it’s unclear what FEMA was thinking and if what their thought process really was on this. We already know Mayor Pete is as useless as sitting on a pine cone, so when will Joe Biden show up? Not that people want to see Biden, but he is the actual president, so he should’ve canceled the overseas trip and went to Ohio first. You know, putting Americans FIRST for once.

People were lined up on the streets and chanting “let’s go Brandon” while Trump and his motorcade pulled up to visit. Trump said during a his speech to the people in Ohio that “you are not forgotten” and WKBN reported on it, saying:

Trump spoke to a small group of local leaders, first responders and the media at the local fire station. He said he is donating thousands of bottles of cleaning supplies and pallets of bottled water to the area that were collected through his Trump organizations.

Trump landed Wednesday afternoon at the Youngstown/Warren Regional Airport. He met briefly with local leaders at Little Beaver Creek before making his remarks to the media.

Details of his visit had not been released to the public in advance, but several of Trump’s supporters were in the area to greet him with cheers. Some of the supporters chanted, “We love you, Trump!” and “U.S.A.!”

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