Kari Lake warns that elections in America could end up like Venezuela

CNN political reporter Kate Sullivan said the following on Twitter: “I’m told Kari Lake is considering running for the US Senate seat held by Kyrsten Sinema in 2024.” It remains unclear who said this to Sullivan or what Kari Lake’s plans really are but Lake was in the middle of a lawsuit over a previous election and an Arizona judge rejected her case after she lost by around 17,000 votes. Kari Lake says there’s a lawsuit now that is currently in the appellate court in Arizona and they have agreed to a faster trial than normal, but that does not mean Kari Lake has won – it simply means her case may be heard. The judges are reportedly hearing this on February 1st, a bit faster than the appeals court would normally hear things.

Kari Lake spoke with Steve Bannon and issued a big time warning to everyone who was watching and listening. Kari Lake warned people that “they are running our elections like they do in Venezuela, like they do in North Korea, and if we don’t stand up and fix it now our children will be living in a communist country.”

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