Kamala Harris claims heating and electricity bills are down, now people can take a family vacation

Democrat vice president Kamala Harris suggested that heating and electricity bills are down. However, if you’re heating your home with gas, then you might have something to say to the failing vice president who’s working with Joe Biden’s circus-like White House administration. Specifically, Kamala Harris said the following: “We have reduced heating and electricity bills so folks have more money in their pocket to buy things like school supplies, replace the dishwasher or take a family vacation.”

There’s just that whole gas prices are still up from the low $2 range to the low $3 range, which is about a $1 dollar increase since Donald Trump was last in office. I am only saying that for my area since I don’t know what other areas are like for their prices. Gas costs a different price all across the country, which is fairly odd because we’re all buying the same exact product, but that’s besides the point. Either way, Kamala Harris may want to take a look at what some people are paying now for gas and electric and compare it to when Donald Trump was in office. I think she might be surprised. I know people are going to have a field day with this one in the comment section.

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