Judge Jeanine connects the dots on Biden Family; Secret Service could be in trouble

Fox News’ brilliant Judge Jeanine is exposing President Joe Biden and his disgraced son Hunter Biden and asking a lot of questions, some of which could put the Biden’s in the middle of a collusion scheme with anyone who could have seen those documents.  It’s important to know that this is Judge Jeanine’s opinions on the matter and what she’s saying COULD be possible, but it needs to be proven. These are potential scenarios as of now, but they should be investigated and the American people given answers either way.

Judge Jeanine wants to know about visitor logs and if they exist in the home where Hunter Biden was allegedly paying $50k per month and classified documents were recently found in a garage. Judge Jeanine wants to know who was in that house while the classified documents were there. Judge Jeanine wants to know if anyone else saw the documents? And what about the Secret Service? If Joe Biden or Hunter Biden was living at that house, doesn’t the Secret Service know who was going in and out of the residence in order to provide safety? There’s a LOT of people with a lot of questions and hypothetical situations that deserve some sort of investigation.

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