Joy Reid’s awful comments on DeSantis and Florida are why people don’t like her

MSNBC may want to rethink their payroll as the low-rating Joy Reid proves once again that she’s willing to say really dumb things to push a narrative, even if they are the most oblivious things on the planet. Here she’s talking about Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis and Florida, making some really bold statements that are likely to get her mocked in the comment section.

What is it with Joy Reid? Is she just pushing a leftist narrative because she’s on MSNBC or is she really this lame? It’s like she thinks about the dumbest possible thing to say, then figures out something dumber than that, then says it on television and thinks she’s doing a good job.

Newsflash, she’s doing a horrible job and Fox News is crushing her network in the ratings. Don’t believe me, then go look them up yourself. You’ll see where Joyless Reid’s borderline spectrum commentary gets them.

MSNBC should find some better hosts for their talk shows, because Joy Reid ain’t all that and a bag of chips.

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