Joy Behar tries defending Alec Baldwin, suggests Republicans are going after him

Joy Behar, a co-host on The View, appeared to be defending Alec Baldwin by suggesting that he’s simply a target for Republicans to go after. However, Alec Baldwin was holding the gun that accidentally killed someone, so naturally there may be criminal charges such as involuntary manslaughter and this has nothing to do with the right vs left, it’s more about following the law and due process. Baldwin faces involuntary manslaughter charges for what happened and that’s just how it is – it has nothing to do with politics, but Joy Behar is so miserable in her life that she just has to make a horrible situation about politics. What a bad person she is.

When it comes to Baldwin’s situation, several legal experts have spoken up about why they believe actor Alec Baldwin was finally criminally charged for a fatal shooting that occurred last year on the set of his film, “Rust.” Specifically, they say Baldwin’s mouth got him into trouble. “He should never have spoken out after the incident,” said Susan M. Tellem, a senior partner at Tellem Grody PR. “It set the stage for future legal problems, and here we are.”

“His training has dictated that he would get out in front of this, would get his viewpoint out in the court of public opinion, would get out all his statements, his interviews, and show the world that this was just a horrible accident,” said David M. Schwartz, a partner at the New York law firm Gerstman Schwartz LLP. “In the world of court and criminal law, this is a real mistake.”

Meanwhile, Renato Mariotti, a partner at the law firm Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner and former federal prosecutor, said: “If Alec Baldwin said something to the public that was helpful to him, he could not introduce that statement at trial.

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